rc® system

The patented rc® technology prevents the chair from rolling away from you when you get up out of the chair, but moves freely when you sit in the chair. This resistance type brake adds safety without impairing mobility. 

There are a variety of advantages of the rc®-system, especially when used on any of our MOVE casters and along with our No-Noise™ stem. 

The compact and closed construction of the twin-wheel caster prevents dirt particles from entering and exiting, which provides a clean solution, extending the life of the caster. The rc®-system enables a custom-made controlled roll, upon request. This force can be adapted as required by selecting different resistances. The stem bore is specially constructed to give optimal result and easy stem swiveling. 

The patented rc®-system also works like a shock absorber, thus greatly extending the lifetime of the complete application, such as an office chair. High quality, first-grade materials help to protect the floor and contribute to a long life span. 

Perfectly quiet and smooth rolling thanks to our combination of patented concepts, the rc®-system and our No-Noise™ stem.